Devon County Council (DCC) and its democratically elected councillors regularly receive phone calls, emails, and letters from residents about their perceptions of vehicle speeds in their communities.

The correspondence ranges from requests for improved or new traffic calming measures to requests for speed monitoring or changes to existing speed limits.

In response, DCC’s Corporate Infrastructure and Regulatory Services Scrutiny Committee formed a dedicated working group to investigate the Council’s approach to setting speed limits across Devon’s communities.

A recommendation was then made by the working group to DCC’s cabinet to carry out a study into the potential benefits of 20mph limits in our communities. Cabinet agreed that this should take place in Newton Abbot.

On Wednesday, July 10 2019, Devon County Council’s Cabinet approved a series of recommendations from the Task Group to deliver a “default residential 20 mph limit in Newton Abbot…”

Cabinet also agreed on the following resolution:

“To take forward and progress/co-ordinate the recommendations contained therein, subject to available resources.”

You can find out more about this decision on Devon County Council’s democracy website.